Take action against RHD

Thank you for joining our fight to eliminate RHD in Australia by 2030. We are building a campaign for change with you and our impact partners. 

When you join Take Heart: Deadly Heart, you’ll be helping to take action against RHD,  a preventable childhood disease that kills two young Australians every week. 

Join the Deadly Heart campaign to eliminate RHD in Australia by 2030


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You can host a screening of Take Heart: Deadly Heart for your friends, family and community.


You can lobby government by writing a letter to your local MP.
Use our template to get started. 

Take Heart: Deadly Heart will be a national conversation starter, calling on our government to fund the community-led services that prevent RHD and keep families strong and together. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples live with RHD at rates 60 times higher than non-Indigenous Australians. We need a health system that works for all of us, not some of us.

There are some less than satisfactory health services still operating in parts of Australia, which has meant many Aboriginal people have missed out on quality healthcare.

Everyone should have the appropriate care when they are sick or a loved one is sick. 

Stand with us as we call on our government to fund the community-led RHD prevention programs that work. 

We want to ensure that everyone in our community has the things they need to live well. 

Rheumatic Heart Disease is 100% preventable