eliminating rhd

Eliminating RHD is a realistic and achievable goal 

Take Heart: Deadly Heart focuses on the solutions that can prevent RHD now and eliminate the disease in Australia by 2030.

RHD usually occurs in children aged 5 – 15 and starts as a Strep A infection to the throat or skin. Risk factors include poverty, overcrowded living conditions and reduced access to medical care. A blueprint to eliminate Rheumatic Heart Disease in this country already exists. It’s called the RHD EndGame Strategy.

What we need now is the funding to ensure Aboriginal children and their families are free to live their lives without this preventable disease. 


You can help to spread the word about Rheumatic Heart Diseaseand the
solutions that work by hosting an event screening of Take Heart: Deadly Heart
for your friends, family and community. 

The Endgame strategy is the result of five years of collaborative research by leading health specialists in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders. 

There are five key steps to eliminating RHD: 

eliminating RHD

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership

eliminating RHD

Community-based programs 

eliminating RHD

Healthy living environments for every community

eliminating RHD

Early prevention

eliminating RHD

Culturally appropriate care and support for anyone living with the disease

 Let’s work together to build a healthy future for everyone

Sharing this story will inspire action. You can help to shift attitudes to this disease and compel the Commonwealth Government to invest and act on the measures that work. 

There are many ways you can get involved, from spreading the word through your social channels to lobbying your local MP or hosting an event screening of Take Heart: Deadly Heart for your community.

Join the Deadly Heart campaign! Stand with us as we fight to eliminate RHD in Australia by 2030.